The most persuasive words

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The most persuasive words

I am a “word worker” and as such, think a lot about words and their power. During the New Insights life coaching course that I studied to certify as a life coach, we learn how to sell our product. in one of our skills training books, the program designers describe the twelve most persuasive words that one can use to entice potential clients into buying your services.

I have recently reviewed these words again and practiced short, paragraph long adverts with them and came to the conclusion that one can basically make any product sound attractive by using these twelve words. I challenged myself to use all twelve of them. Naturally all of them are not applicable to all products and services, but variations of the words or paraphrases that represent the same thoughts can be used to successfully replace the originals.

Of course by now you are eager to know what these magic twelve words are. I will now write each one down with a short explanation of why they are in the top twelve of most persuasive words to sell life coaching services or any other product to my knowledge. these words all have emotional content apart from their basic meaning. If we want to persuade anyone to do anything, we need to appeal to their emotions because our emotions drive our actions and are basically “energy in motion”. Here they are:

Discovery: People love this word because we associate it with adventure and excitement and it makes us think of the sleuth – like curiosity of children on a treasure hunt. Draw people’s attention by helping them to detect, find and uncover why your ideas or product are valuable to them. The emotions of excitement and enthusiasm are awaken by the use of this word.

Easy: Most people want to have solutions to their problems to be easy. This is because we were wired from the beginning of time to conserve energy where ever possible. In a world where immediate gratification is prevalent, people are looking for fast, uncomplicated and simple ways to satisfy their needs and straightforward solutions to problems.

Guarantee: People want a product or service that will be risk free and assure them that they will get the value they are looking for. They want to be certain that their money or time wont be wasted.

Health: We all know that “your health is your wealth”. Most people are preoccupied with being healthy and want to use products and services that are good for their health.Life coaching are beneficial for people because it helps them being more emotionally stable, helps them manage stress and get rid of fears that are standing in their way to success.

Caring: Customer care is paramount for everybody. Every body wants to feel that their desires and needs are taken care of in any situation. We all love the personal touch that makes us feel special.

Money: Money represents a means to survival and self preservation and therefore everybody wants to hear how they can either make or save more money. That is why we have deals like free assessment sessions and special package deals when selling life coaching. Every body loves a bargain, value for money and a great opportunity to make or save more.

New: People love to use up to date products and have the latest products and services available because this put them in the forefront of what is relevant and current and makes them feel that they are superior and have an advantage. Most people are excited about what is hip and fashionable and trendy, because they love to discover new things that brings new thrills and of course let them feel like they are the top of the pops. Nobody wants to be left behind or come across as boring. We tend to believe that new is better- and most of the time this is proven to be right.

Proven: At the same time people still want the newest thing to be tried and tested to be a sure thing. They want minimum risk and want to be assured that experts all approve of the products and services that they are interested in.

Results: People are inherently interested in results and want to know that your product or service will live up to their expectations and deliver what it promises.

Safety: In a volatile world where unpredictability and violence are plenty, people want to feel secure when using a product or service. They want peace of mind and no worries.

Save: People want to conserve resources like money, time, the environment and energy, because nobody likes scarcity of any kind. Even and perhaps especially wealthy people like to save for a rainy day in a world where the only certainty is change.

You: People value the personal touch. They want to know that they personally matter to you and that you care about them specifically. Every body wants to have their basic need of significance met and also through the products and services they use in a vast world where everybody are so intend on looking mostly after their own interests.

There you have it. Uncomplicated but super persuasive words that will help you sell your products and services and also with improved communication in your every day relationships.

To conclude I will show you a little ad I wrote for my life coaching services which includes all twelve of the above mentioned power packed words:

Discover how easy it is for you to have guaranteed results with a proven value-for-money 14 session coaching program that will empower you with new techniques and tools to have improved health,have and save more money and have great results in all other life areas, with the guidance of a caring , certified and capable pro life coach in a safe and private environment.

Now it is up to you to write your ad for your business. I would love to see what you come up with.Remember you can use synonyms to replace some of the words where appropriate. Try to use these words in your every day discourse and see if it improves you communication. Hope to here from you soon.


  1. Cleo Bottoms says:

    With thanks! Valuable information!

  2. Thank you Cleo! Hope you continue to read and enjoy my weekly blogs.

  3. Excellent post. I used to be checking constantly this weblog and I’m inspired!Very helpful information particularly the ultimate part I care for such information much.I used to be seeking this particular information for a long time.Thanks and good luck.

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you Brittaney. I am glad you found the blog helpful. Please read my future blogs I try to write one every week.

  4. Regards for helping out, fantastic information. “Hope is the denial of reality.” by Margaret Weis.

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