The Rod, the reed and the responsible

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The Rod, the reed and the responsible

There are three kinds of people in this life. The first kind of person can be called “the rod” since this person is as rigid and unyielding in their view as an iron rod.They have a very fixed picture of what life should look like and are usually quite monocled. They have an overwhelming desire to control others and justify their actions or lack of taking action by saying things like:” I can’t start my own business because I am too old.” or “I am poor because the economy is bad.” When the storms in life hit they snap like a stick and can not deal with it and they have none of the good qualities of a rod.

The second kind of person reminds one of a reed or tumbleweed- they get blown all over by the winds of life and things are always happening to them. They are the big, fat victims in life who have no control over what transpires in their lives. They blame others or things for their misfortune and say things like: “I am not a success because my parents left me no money” and “I struggle to loose weight because I have a slow metabolism.”

The third kind of person is the “responsible” or the “plan maker”. These people know that life owes them nothing and that they should take action to change what they don’t like in life. Their motto is: “If it is to be it is up to me.” They make the best of the hand they are dealt in life and say things like ” My struggles helped me to grow.” and “The fact that I grew up poor taught me to work hard for what I want in life and develop a good work ethic”. Plan makers seldom complain and know that one has to be flexible and adaptable in life because the only thing we can be certain of is change.

The moral of the story is that the responsible in this life are the ones who succeed and have control over their lives. They know that responsibility is the ability to act appropriately in every situation. There are always two ways to act in life in any given situation. One can either react impulsively or have a mindful response. When one is reactive, there are negative consequences. When one has a mindful response, it means you have the ability to be objective and deal with things in a mindful way which produces a positive outcome.

The rods and the reeds justify and blame, while the plan makers act responsible. We all have the ability to respond authentically in every situation and not let the ego get in the way. Choose every day to be real in every situation and take control of your life by taking the appropriate action. In this way you keep your power and do not give it away to others or things to control you. It has been said: With great responsibility comes great power. Choose to steer this power to make a positive difference in your as well as others’ lives and you will always be able to make a plan for the better no matter the circumstances. It all comes down to attitude. if you have nothing else, you can still choose how to act every time. Choose wisely.

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