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The FIND method-part two

I have not posted a blog recently since I have been working on my Low alcohol/No alcohol program. I have been practicing what I have been preaching – I was FOCUSING my INTENTION on what I NEEDED to DO.

In the first of the 4 blogs on the FIND method, The focus was on the meaning of focus according to the FIND method. The FIND method is meant to help people take action with purpose to achieve goals and live out their potential and life goals.

Today I am going to discuss what the second word, “intention” means in the context of the FIND method. An intention is that which we plan in our minds to carry out in reality. Thus our intentions are thoughts. Extensive research has proven that our brains can not distinguish between what we vividly imagine and our reality. This has the implication that our thoughts are very powerful, since the implication is that our thoughts become our reality. But the question is: ” Is our intention merely thoughts or is there a higher energy field that we all have access to through our consciousness and that our intelligence, creativity and imagination interact with rather than just being produced as thoughts in our brains?”

Dr. Wayne Dyer, writer of the book, “The power of intention” defines the conventional essence of the meaning of the word “intention” as being ” a strong purpose or aim accompanied by a determination to produce a desired result.”

In his book Dr.Dyer explains why “intention” is a far bigger concept than just sheer determination and a strong desire to produce a certain result: ” I know that intention is a force we all have within us. Intention is a field of energy that flows invisibly beyond the reach of our normal, everyday habitual patterns. It is there even before our actual conception. We have the means to attract this energy to us and experience life in an exciting, new way.”

For those who are a bit skeptic about a higher energy guide or source;( a source that goes by many names, depending on people’s belief systems e.g. God ( as in the Christian or Jewish God) or the “New age” God which is an acronym for “Grand overall/organising design” or just the Source etc.) I would recommend reading Lynne Mc Taggart’s books on the invisible energy that connects everyone and everything.

In her book “The intention experiment” she writes about actual studies conducted on the influence of intention. She writes about a study, for instance, where experienced meditation experts were asked to focus their intentions ( good intentions) on an object that was in another geographical space altogether from a laboratory where people studied fruit flies. This object was then taken to the laboratory and placed within the vicinity of the insects. The insects grew to be 15% more healthy and stronger than their predecessors and for generations afterwards their off spring were healthier and stronger still. The same experiment were then conducted with algae and also water. in both instances the impact on the studied substances were beneficial.

But how do we tap into this higher energy source to help us living out our unique purpose?

Dr. Wayne Dyer, intention expert, suggests that the first thing you should do to be able to access this enormous benevolent energy source to implement intention is to realize and believe that you are and have always been part of this infinite divine creation. you always have two choices: You can either love and trust yourself to be part of the wisdom that created you, or you can deny divine wisdom in favor of your own ego.

The ego is the “false” or “scared” self (As Paul Mc Kenna refer to it in his book “You can change your life in seven days”). The ego is made up of false beliefs that make you believe that you are only as worthy as that which you accomplish or achieve in a material sense.

The authentic self on the other hand realizes that our intention should be to live out our purpose. You will know you are on purpose when you are happily serving others with your special gifts and abilities that coincides with your higher core values. But we will look at purpose itself in the blogs to follow. As the singer Michael Card sings, your aim should be to give (to others) and to die(starving the false beliefs of the ego), not to sell and to buy( In the sense that you aim for the material possessions and accolades as your highest purpose).

You will know that you are channeling intention when “your yoke is easy” and “your burden is light.” It will be delightful to do what you are here for to do.

When you feel stuck or experience difficulties or hardship, you should examine if there are any false ego beliefs that are hindering you from living out your purpose. “False ego beliefs” are what among others the Christian Bible define as “sins”. Jealousy, envy, anger, procrastination and anything else that hinders your purpose will also block intention. Intention and purpose are intertwined like your DNA. If you are real and free of the false selves that the ego creates, you will have an unblocked channel of divine energy intent on helping you to live your unique purpose. In the third part of the FIND method, we will look at the meaning of the word “need” as used in the sentence “Focus your intention on what you NEED to do.”

The good news today is that you already have intention in abundance, that it is all about getting rid of the ego self to let it flow freely through the authentic self so that you can be on purpose and have direction. Intention is used right when it aligns with your unique purpose, your true North.


  1. Thank you, I’ve just been searching for info about this subject for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered so far. But, what about the bottom line? Are you sure about the source?

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you for your comment. I always use credible sources. I am not sure which of the three sources you are referring to, but I quoted them all while having the books on hand. All the best.

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