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It is a challenging time for every body. We feel this in our own family with my brothers both being severely crippled economically, one working in the technical field of the film industry and the other being a business owner of two restaurant chains and a coffee company with two other partners. They also have the responsibility of thousands of employees that are also going to feel the effects financially, among them my own son.

What do we do when all we can be certain of is change?We need to buckle up and face reality and make a firm decision to take every day and its challenges one at a time, build “buffers” or “safety margins” ( like self isolation, spending money wisely and being prepared for a “lock down” situation physically and mentally).

We also need to take care of our “state” by focusing on the positive, using uplifting inner and outer language and taking care to let our physiology mirror our positive thoughts and emotional well being, by having good posture, by smiling and laughing a lot, by walking up straight with our shoulders back etc

.As have been said by so many, we also need to count our blessings. An attitude of gratitude rewires our brains to have good thought patterns that will positively effect our thoughts, emotions and actions.It is therefore a good idea to keep a gratitude journal in which you can write down what you feel thankful for every day.

If you “tune this instrument” early in the morning, it will set the tone for the day and you will be “in tune” and not be “off key”.I challenged myself to come up with 50 good thoughts in this time – how many can you get :)? It is good to stretch yourself and think bigger than your comfort zone. Here are mine:

  1. We are rich with the most precious resource of time.
  2. We have the opportunity to bond in a unique way during this time with our nearest and dearest and
  3. make memories to treasure
  4. We have time to do a thorough spring clean on all levels; the house, our thoughts, emotions, spirits etc.
  5. We have the opportunity to make time to meditate and work on ourselves
  6. We have time to work on the projects, books, creative pursuits etc. we always wanted to finish but forgot in the hurried every day lives we used to live
  7. We have time to connect with our authentic selves to reassess our priorities;
  8. Our beliefs;
  9. Our Money spending habits;
  10. Our relationships;
  11. Our values;
  12. Our personal growth;
  13. Our emotions;
  14. Our routines;
  15. Our time management;
  16. The rules for our desired values;
  17. Our unique purposes;
  18. Our short and long term goals;
  19. Our life styles;
  20. Rethinking our thought patterns
  21. What serves us and
  22. What serves us no longer
  23. Necessity is the mother of invention- what unique object, concept, idea can you come up with?
  24. What unique contribution to the benefit of others can you make in this time?
  25. People have more opportunity to stay virtually and telephonically in touch than at any other time before,during a disaster.
  26. We are all connected and united against a common threat, which gives us the unique opportunity to evolve our thoughts and forget political, religious,racial and cultural differences.
  27. We get an opportunity for being truly unselfish just by staying at home and have a “holiday” from the fast paced modern life style.
  28. We can learn new skills, like ironing and cooking, from scratch and by embarking on DIY projects.
  29. We at last have time to have a new hobby or read to our hearts content and to build good habits.
  30. We can take long out door walks and hikes and spend more time in nature
  31. We have time to experiment with new baking and cooking techniques
  32. We have time to start or maintain a garden and or vegetable and herb garden that will produce food for ourselves and others
  33. We have the opportunity to think how we can create new income streams, diversify and look at ways of doing old things in a new way- my brother and his partners do home deliveries of food and baked goods and currently concentrate on the coffee production side of the business.
  34. We can consider how we can continue working more at home and less at the office, which will lead to
  35. More time for non-work-related activities,
  36. Less time spend in traffic
  37. Less car accidents
  38. Less pollution
  39. Less frustration
  40. More sanity and peace of mind
  41. More working in pajamas ! 🙂 and without bra’s , suits and ties 🙂
  42. Less money spend on expensive work clothes
  43. Less money spend on petrol which will leave you with :
  44. More expendable income!
  45. We will learn to make do with what we have and
  46. Buy less non- essentials and support local businesses and strengthen our local economy.
  47. We will have less choice which have been scientifically proven to make us happier
  48. Which will help us to stress less about fluff!
  49. If we can survive this we can survive most things coming our way
  50. After this we will have deeper, more mature characters and will learn to dig deep and look for the true essence of things and not be blind sided by the superficial.
  51. Bonus point: We will never take another day or opportunity for granted!
  52. Bonus bonus: Our pets can not transmit corona and we have in-built emotional support by having them around.

Amazing how when you get momentum you can run with things! Can you add to this list ?Two recommended good reads if you are working on self growth in this time:

Atomic Habits by James Clear and Essentialism by Greg Mckeown

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