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Like the rest of the world, I am all for free movement, but it seems to me that the very restricted window allowed for exercise during level four, has forced a lot of people to take committed action.

In our area, in the deep South of Cape Town, it only gets light around 7h30, so our new Covid -19 routine starts round about this time with a caffeine kick to get us moving, although I am already semi- conscious from around five when I let out the dogs for a tinkle.

During our coffee wake-up call, we get dressed in our walking gear and cajole the dogs into their harnesses and leads.It is a little exercise in cognitive dissonance for them, as they do want to walk so badly but they detest being harnessed- a bit like us during the lock-down.

Since consistency has been a value I have been working on hard this year as part of my writing identity, and good habits seem to bear more good habits, a strict exercise window has actually done me a world of good.

Every now and then I do feel the temptation to just sleep in a bit longer, but then I play the day out in my mind’s eye with two frustrated and over- energetic Mini Schnauzers wrecking havoc and I bite the bullet and get every body right and ready for action.

Life coaching is all about taking action to make a positive difference, because while day dreaming and visualizing and using your imagination is good and often the catalyst for great achievements and changes, it is all just huff and puff and illusion if no deliberate action is taken.

The good news is that at some stage, when repeated enough, it becomes easier to practice your good habits than not.

In the beginning it is hard to get the ball rolling and you might have to put in deliberate extra effort, while new neural pathways are formed in the brain, but just like a well used footpath, wen the same action is taken repeatedly, an action becomes easy and almost automatic to perform.

The narrow window for exercise does not leave much room for asking “should or shouldn’t I?” because of the time restriction. It only comes around once a day and after that, it is a missed opportunity.

The good of this seemingly draconian and senseless rule is that it forces us to take action in the now. The present is the only place we have to make things happen. Do not put of what you can make a reality today through positive action.

Count the cost of doing and not doing and as soon as you take action consistently everyday, momentum will get rid of inertia and soon you will be doing without doing. Being in the flow of things will make your life easier and the ripple effect of movement in one area will overflow to other life areas.

All action is rewarded with change that brings you closer to where you want to be and to become the identity you need to grow and contribute; to fulfill your unique life purpose . This is the sweet spot where pure joy is experienced continuously , regardless of circumstance.

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