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We hear a lot of confusing news these days about the failing economy as well as the pandemic. We are uncertain and severely restricted in several ways and literally do not know what our next moves should be, as even our choice about how we go about our personal lives has been taken away from us.

Uncertainty and mixed feelings are reigning and entropy and chaos seems to be immanent.

Yet if you think clearly about it, nothing has ever been a certainty. The uncertainty and stormy feelings we experience are based on false assumptions that things will always follow a certain order.

What we took for granted has suddenly been shaken up and stirred every which way and the rug has been pulled from under us.

We are flailing and free- falling through the eye of the storm like Alice through the rabbit hole and have not the faintest idea what to expect in a world not previously known.

Uncharted waters lies ahead and the storm seems to be never ending.

So what can we do while riding it out?

Some people seem to find solace in the fact that leaders are making decisions for them and about their immediate and long term future.

Some people cope by avidly following conspiracy theories, spreading doom and gloom,although even these seem to be clashing and confusing.

What is the right way to stay anchored amidst assaults on our psyche from every which way?

What is the most beneficial way to feel, think and act in a world that in its very essence has become alien to us?

Maybe the way to go in a world with no clear “gps”, is to become quiet and peaceful, to reach a state of calm in which you can “see” more clearly.

Anxiousness, anger, rash decisions and behaviour, will have the opposite effect of what you try to accomplish, which is presumably steadfastness and security – a shelter and reprieve from the storm.

The good news is that you already have all you need inside of you to conquer and overcome.

You have the ability to get a healthy perspective on what seems to be a tumultuous environment, when you focus your intention on being calm and when you connect with the infinite “know how” inside of you. You have been created with all the tools you will need to navigate you through any storm. You already know the answers to your questions- the trick is to know how to access your sub- conscious and let it become part of your conscious experience.

religious and spiritual people do this by praying and meditating to become centered, but even if you do not believe in the spiritual realm, you can still connect with your inner-being and find a sense of calm. when you are calm and peaceful, you can access the infinite knowledge we are all connected to.

A helpful answer to ask yourself in this state is:

” If I already knew the answer,what would it be?”

Your thoughts will dictate your emotions and your emotions will determine your actions.

When your actions are based on good, informed decisions, your inner- compass will help you find your true North in all life areas and give you firm direction in how to deal with your reality.

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