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We have never been as connected as we are today and yet people are lonely.

Technology is a wonderful thing because Your client across the world can be in your presence with the click of a button.

Grandparents see their grandchildren in another country grow up over Skype.

Virtual friendships have taken the place of old fashioned pen pals and even visits.

You can have thousands of friends on Face Book and tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

The world has shrunken to the size of a global village, yet never have people been so isolated and disengaged from society and community.

Humans have been created to form meaningful relationships, yet it seems as though people are too busy for friends, family and community, too wrapped up in their virtual world to make real connections.

How important is a strong flesh and blood network for people to be fully alive and engaged with reality?

How important is having real life intervention with people for your health?

Shocking statistics shows that 40% of people in old age homes children never visit them.

In this society with a culture of immediate gratification and a “throw away what does not serve our imminent needs anymore” attitude, the old are forgotten- safely stowed away in “care” facilities that take the “burden” off childrens’ hands.

The wisdom and experience of older people are no more wanted by a society that believes it can achieve anything with a screen in front of it. Want information on any subject? Just wake up the Google god.

You can live almost your whole life without ever stepping outside your door. Internet services can have you fed, paid up and cocooned in, in a jiffy.

Real life manners also seemed to have gone out the door with mostly text communication. A whatsapp question can be ignored or unread and unanswered without any dire consequences. Cyber bullies can hurt your children even within the safe physical boundaries of their home.

I remeber how my parents’ friends would show up unannounced at our home for a chat or a guitar and singing stint or an instant feast.

These days door bells are obsolete, because visits are strictly pre-arranged and confirmed days, weeks or even months in advance.

Why does it bother me so much that the first thing I see in the morning is my partner absorbed by information on the phone in his hand or that he ceaselessly scrolls through his feed while we watch a movie? Why do people feel so absent even if they are with us in the flesh? The lights are on but nobody is home….

Is the addiction of the cyber space the biggest virus infestation of all? Is the invisible Net slowley but surely encapsulating us all in an unseen prison where flesh and blood communication is an anomaly?

Why do I feel I have to text someone to get their permission to even talk to them over the phone….when will be a good time?

How is it that even a nearby family member does not answer your call on her birthday because she does not like to speak on the phone as she explains later in a text?

What will it take to have real life contact again without feeling like you are infringing on another’s space and precious time?

How will we learn to engage with each other in reality, in real time and environment again without jumping through virtual hoops and boundaries?

Have you visited that person yet that you have thought about for some time now?

Go out and just do it- what is the worst that can happen if you show up unannounced- be ignored?

Make time to have a friendly talk with your neighbour. Do you even know his/her name?

Join in a community get together or visit the local market and talk to some of the artists and entrepreneurs there.

Join a community outreach and see peoples needs and circumstances for real.

We can win back the real world as it was meant to be, one flesh and blood conversation at a time. One real effort of interest in another’s reality.

Breaking through the barrier of another’s vitual spacebubbleprison is as easy as honest eye contact and a genuine smile and can be of the utmost significance for someone that might feel unseen by the rest of the world.

Join the social army to win our real life contact back today!

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