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These are trying times we are living in. It is estimated that more people will die of hunger in these times than from the virus itself.

The question is how can we best manage the repercussions from this time?

I wrote a blog before about the six human needs. In these times the focus are very much on people’s needs again. In one way the virus has drawn attention again to the festering wound of poverty. The fact is people in privileged communities can no longer turn a blind eye, because as a society our weakest links are threatening to break the chain and once the chain is broken the whole is affected adversely.

It is true that you should first look after yourself and your family, but we all have an obligation to cast our net of caring further.

The basic need of certainty is threatened for all. Most of us take a roof over our heads, food on our table and running water for granted. For those of us who are not certain of a job after the lock-down, the reality of having these needs met, is daunting. There are a magnitude of people in this country and worldwide that are not having these needs met already and daily there are added to the growing number.

We can be in dire straights about this, or we can face the reality, accept the uncertainty and take action. No action is too big or too small.

Can you leave frozen leftovers out with the rubbish for the sanitary workers to collect? Can you buy an extra can of food and contribute it to your local feeding scheme initiative?

Can you play an active role in the distribution of food packets?

Can you send virtual food vouchers or e-wallet some money to people in need?

If all of us help as much as we can – we can build a safety net between peace and mayhem, between life and death.

By helping others to stave off the wolf from their door you are helping yourself and your nearest and dearest.

It is only by reaching out that you can build a buffer against the common enemy of starvation and the violence and plundering that inevitably erupt when people have to battle to stay alive.

Now is not the time to blame shift or justify. It is the time to make a plan that is to the advantage of all, even if it means that you have to sacrifice some of your own comfort.

To be alive is a privilege and one you can celebrate and show your gratitude for by ensuring life for others as well.

Love and connection are also severely restricted by not being able to be in the presence of some loved ones and friends. Are you reaching out to family members that are in retirement villages and old age homes?

Create a whatsapp group in which you include old and young to strengthen the sense of inclusion. Phone those people who you think of in these times that might be alone. A friendly chat or photos of the little ones’ antics might just keep someone alive and their spirits high.

Use this time to grow,contribute and future -proof,so that the next time a disaster strike,we can stand strong as a whole.

As Taisen Deshimaru said: “Time is not a line, but a series of now-points.”

What can you do right now to make life better for someone?

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