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After the extended lock down notice last night, people are generally feeling disheartened and some are very reactive.

It feels frustrating and more of the same while life as we know it seems to disintegrate in front of our eyes. Our economy are steadily on a down turn, and people are broken and furious.

On the upside it seems as though the containment of the virus is dealt with effectively, although this make people feel that the strict measures in place are maybe unnecessary and “overkill”.

How do you deal with a situation where your movement is literally and figuratively severely restricted and you feel helpless and not in control of your life?

The answer lies in the example of people who survived and even thrived through and after trying times:

During this time a lot of people of faith are observing Easter. This is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ and His triumph over death. Death is the final hurdle for each of us in this life and if you believe that Jesus conquered it for each one of us, you have the strength because of His example to overcome your own “walk through the valley of darkness”.

If you do not believe in the Christian faith, there are still humans who can inspire you to walk a walk of dignity and to be strong.

Victor Frankl was held captive in the Nazi death camps and were even branded as one of the people who would not survive the Holocaust, yet he lived to tell the tale and encourage millions across the world to choose an attitude of courage and gratitude for life, to see the beauty of the fish heads in the dishwater-like soup they ate in the camps.

A movie that made a great impact on me was “In persuit of happiness”, where the main character persisted against all odds to obtain what he deemed as success in life.

To succeed, we all need to obtain the attitude of people who won against the odds. The good news is that we already have the tools and the values inside us. We possess all the characteristics we need to overcome our trail, we just need to shift our focus to that which we will need and then put it in practice by living the values to make us into the identity that will lead us to success.

Jesus although totally God was also totally human. He went through the most unthinkable journey for us. In His capacity as man, He was just as afraid and uncertain about His quest. In fact we read that He was so anxious about what He had to go through that He sweated blood, a medical condition that only happen in the most dire straights. Yet He did not give up. He suffered through His fate, because He had a clear understanding of His unique purpose in life, the utmost contribution to mankind through conquering death.

Victor Frankl made it his purpose to survive to tell people about what happened in the death camps; the movie character never lost sight of his single minded goal.

What values do you need to become the identity that can conquer and thrive? Determination, a clear sense of purpose, calmness and maturity and the ability to see opportunity for growth in troubling times?

It takes but a moment to shift your attitude from desperate to determined, from faithless to faithful, from hopelessness to having hope.

Decide to become that man or woman that can win against all odds. You have the freedom of choice, even when all else is taken away.

Choose to have the attitude that will carry you through, that will make you the winner and that will make you succeed in which ever way you choose.

Choose a life in which you can thrive and make a positive impact on others’ life. Be the beacon, the light house in the storm, the steadfast, faithful, determined person that will help others to reach the shore as well.

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