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To live in the moment means to be fully present in the “now”. The only moment that counts, is what is presently happening.

Children do not overthink things- in their world only today and the moment exists and they fully give themselves over to experience life from moment to moment. How do we live like this as adults and still act responsible?

1) Get rid of what keeps you a prisoner of your past

This means that you literally and figuratively let things or people or places or beliefs or values go that stop your progress in the now, so that you can fully focus all your energy and all your senses and thoughts in the present moment in an unencumbered way.

2) Cultivate a good attitude

To get rid of things that tie you to the past that do not serve you anymore isn’t irresponsible, it allows you to be free to be totally aware of the implications and consequences of your current emotions, thoughts, words and deeds; It enables you to be in total control of your attitude and “state”.

When you are intentionally optimistic and set your intention on what is uplifting for you as well as those around you, you are making the most of every second. In the beginning it might be an effort to keep your perspective positive, but the more you consciously practice a positive focus, the quicker it will become a good habit.

3)Enjoy and appreciate today to the full

Focus your intention on absorbing everything that happens today and appreciate what you see, hear, feel, smell; allow yourself to acknowledge and feel the emotions and the good as well as the not so good.

Be truly thankful for every experience coming your way. Look at problems with a solution-orientated mind set- write 30 or more possible solutions for every problem, and you will find the answer to the obstacle soon because you created a new pathway in your thinking patterns.

4) Forgive and forget but learn from mistakes

Remember that toxic feelings about the past only affects you. It is not good for your physical or mental health and you are literally a prisoner of immaterial memories, of illusions. Identify these emotions and write them down and let the feelings dissipate. If you want to you can write them down and then destroy them with a small ritual like burning the paper or crumple it and bin it.

These actions will emphasize and enforce the fact that you are the boss of your emotions and thoughts and that you have the power to free yourself from them and replace them with thoughts and emotions that helps and enables you to be the best version of yourself.

5) Love what you do and do what you love

To really live fully in the moment, you need to love what you do. It does not help if you wish every moment away. The biggest amount of your awake time is spent at work. If you are not happy there, chances will be great that you will be unhappy in general and this depression will take over all life areas.

You are in control of your emotions, feelings and attitude. Think how you can make your work, work for you. You can for example concentrate on the contribution you make and how you are appreciated. If you really do not enjoy your job any more, it might be time to look at other options. You need to thrive and not just survive and work is a big part of your identity and needs to be a calling, not just a means to an end.

6) Dreams about the future are only effective in combination with taking action immediately and consistently

There is nothing wrong with having dreams for your future. Set goals and make plans. Remember that what you do today are shaping your future and determine how things will be. You are the architect of the future you are building. Dreams about the future are only effective if you work hard now and give your best in the present moment.

7) The past is past- build your future now

You are only as good as what you create or do today. The only way achievements from the past serve you, is to motivate you and to serve as evidence that you can be great today as well. Work at the identity you want to have in the future by really giving your all to make your desired future a reality. Make wonderful memories for tomorrow by what you achieve today.

To truly be happy while you build your future, you need to keep challenging yourself to stretch out of your comfort zone and really get in the flow or the zone, that place where you truly live your full potential moment by moment. You can only grow when you experience flow on a regular basis and keep challenging yourself to reach the state in all life areas consistently

8) Don’t waste your time on worry

Use your thoughts productively and do not worry about that which is out of your control. Worry is a useless waste of energy that can be harnessed to focus on where you can make a positive impact and difference.

9) Renew your thoughts

Change is the only certainty. That which worked yesterday is maybe not relevant today. Do not stagnate- think creatively and out of the box. Remember it is the people who can adapt that control the situation.

10)Conquer addictions

Addictions keep you tied up in a false reality and prevent you from focusing on today. It steels your time and there are times that the lights are on but nobody is home and you literally can’t account for the time you lost- whether in the form of black-outs, wrong focus, lack of impulse control etc. If you really want to be free to live in the moment, you have to overcome your addiction.

To live mindfully is a necessity for a truly happy life. You can only live one moment at a time and to be truly present in every moment of your life,that moment needs to be the present one.

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