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So what if you applied the three questions:

  1. What is my Power?
  2. what is my Passion?
  3. Does my Power combined with my Passion contribute to the good in this world?

to determine your unique purpose and you lived it out and then come to a cross road, feel “stuck” or your live took a “mind shattering” turn and shifted?When events and circumstances changes dramatically or the opposite happens and you feel “on a road to nowhere” or “stuck in the mud”, these are all indicators that you should switch gears.

We are not static beings. even the smallest particles of our life material is in constant motion. It is a law that if we stagnate, we backslide and regress. We either grow in forward motion or we slide into oblivion.But how do we make changes to ensure progress and grow out of comfort zones?

The answer is simple. Think of your values as the catalysts that propel you forward. Your core values will always stay more or less the same, but sometimes we need to readjust the focus to ensure momentum and meaningful forward motion.

When my children respectively turned 14, both of them decided to go and live with their dad and his new family who also consisted of two teenagers. It was an extremely difficult time for me, who up until that point, saw my main purpose as being the best mother I could be.I had to adapt or die…literally, it felt sometimes. I was in turmoil. I was still their mom, but not their primary caregiver and for survival and sanity’s sake and in order to thrive again, I had to “recreate” my “main” identity.

My survival mechanism was to shift my focus to start a new career, and my values had to be adjusted to those who could serve me best in this situation and get me to where I needed to be, fastest.Change is not always this radical- maybe you just need to tweak your current identity a little.

Maybe you need to specialize in your current field, like a doctor who becomes a specialist or an artist who experiments with a new medium. Maybe try a new diet and exercise program to really get to your optimum fitness level. Search for your ideal client avatar and establish your real niche.

Sometimes you might need to go way out and combine two seemingly incompatible ideas to invent something totally new, like built a house out of alternative materials or give all the kids in your class an “A” but ask them to write a letter to motivate why they deserve it and then hold them to it and guide them to reach their best.

Create a new kind of job or study field that will suit your identity the best and enable you to make your most meaningful contribution, that is authentic to you.

A recent example of a new invention (well new to me in any way 😉 ) that I accidentally created, was a by-product of tweaking my health life area. ( I opted for eating far less meat but low carbs always and mainly being a ketotarian- this combo really works for me- but might not be ideal for everyone) I made a low carbs pasta, following a recipe out of “The real meal revolution” cookbook) when it all went south and boiled into one unattractive blob.

At first: despondency,- should I just chuck it, or mix it in with the dog food? But then when I looked at it from another angle, racking my brain to think of a potential traditional high carbs dish I could recreate out of it – I got the eureka! moment where I saw how this unattractive mass of psyllium husks, eggs and cream cheese could become low carbs “gnocci” and the basil pesto I originally made for the pasta could still be used the same way.

To tweak your identity you must be able to adapt and roll with the punches, because it is the most adaptable person, the most willing to evolve that has the most control in any situation.So go out and make those changes today that will make you carve your best niche, that will help you nail your ideal client avatar, that will be the most relevant for your new, current, unique identity.

A rolling stone gathers no moss- A frequently oiled hinge does not make a painful sound. An adaptable identity can propel you towards your own greatness. Go for it today!If you feel or think that you need some guidance to fine tune your life to live your best life, a life coach can help you to use the appropriate tools to get you where you want to be in any life area. You can find my details in the comments below. and you are welcome to contact me to book a free telephonic assessment session to ask questions about life coaching and to determine if we are a good client-coach “fit”.

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