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Recently I read a very interesting article on the habits of 20 famous writers by Mayo Oshin. Since I attempt writing myself, I am curious to see how others approach the trade.

It is always a good idea to do extensive RESEARCH in your chosen area,no matter if it is in your entrepreneural, study, job, career, hobby field etc. RESEARCH is free knowledge and a valuable asset to add to your RESOURCES. If you have an assistant to help you, all the better, because RESEARCH takes up a lot of your time, which is one of the four basic RESOURCES that are essential for your success and a precious commodity and when once used, not replaceable. Of course what you gain on the round-about you will loose on the swing, because then you have to use your Money RESOURCE to pay for his or her time….

You can always set specific time daily or weekly aside for RESEARCH. The trick is to source the best advice on the subject you are interested in, because although information is so freely available, you need to be very selective to get the most out of your RESEARCH time. So first scan all the information available and then decide what is worth RESEARCHING to get the most quality for time spend.

To get back to the article on writers’ habits, I learned quite a lot. It seems that most of them get up at the same time every day and have certain RITUALS before starting on their actual work. One lady for in stance did her only bit of house work for the day by preparing her family breakfast.

It was interesting to learn that all of them wrote every day. Their hours varied- most got up quite early and wrote for between three and eight hours before calling it a day. Some of them would continue after lunch, but all seemed to spend the evening with friends and or family.

One remarkable thing is that all of the writers took time to do quite a bit of exercise. From Murakami who embarked on the rigorous ROUTINE befitting that of someone practicing for The Iron Man by swimming 1500 meters and running 10kms every day, to Dickens who took a three hour stroll every late afternoon through the streets of London.

The work- exercise-social balance thus seems to be very important for effective productivity.

Their environmental design varied although it seems they all had a fixed space that they used to write in. Some liked the quiet of a home office, while others wrote in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the family room. Some preferred absolute quiet, like the lady who paid an assistant just to plug her ears while writing while one gentleman locked all the doors on the way to his inner sanctum and people had to blow a horn when they needed him.

Same habitual space to write in thus, but very different preferences. It is amazing how a subtle change in environmental design can make a big difference. You need to design your environment to suit that in which you can function optimally.

I struggled to write blogs on my WordPress blog twice a month, but I find it much easier to write two or three articles on this group every week. Same means but different virtual space. It seems as though it thus pays off to pay detailed attention to your environment where you will practice your ROUTINE work. I also find it much easier to sit on a gym ball- much to the amusement and sometimes irritation of family members, because I occupy the dining table in the living room out of necessity due to the lack of space at the moment for my “office”.

It is your RESPONSIBILITY to design an optimal environment to suit your needs and one that is the most prolific for your work and life. Just see to it that daily RITUALS to get you into your work flow, exercise of your choice to decompress and maintain health and socializing for balance all have a place in your ROUTINE.

All work and no play is not a good thing, so to motivate yourself to keep with your ROUTINE, you need to build in small REWARDS for a job well done.

Plan before hand what your REWARDS for certain action steps completed will be. Plan bigger REWARDS for motivation to complete mile stones.

Although reaching your goals are REWARDS in themselves, plan a big REWARD every time you realize a goal.

Tell us how you manage your routine for success.

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