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We have talked about how systems are key to making our dreams and goals a reality.

How systems are the structures or frame work around and on which we build our goals and how these systems are made up of values which become habits.

It is actually always true that the goal is only the evidence of the culmination of many repetitions of our good habits. And repetition is not always exciting. In fact James Clear, habits specialist says we should learn to fall in love with boredom, with doing the same reps day after day, even when we do not always feel like it- as we said- consistency in practicing quality habits is key to realizing our goals.

When we plan our goal and the system-framework we need to make it a reality, we need to literally take it one step at a time.

We are usually excited to start something new, but that vigor can diminish fast if we bite of more than we can chew.

You should plan your goal and the systems to realize it in great detail, but make sure you are realistic about what you can handle. You can not start of with running a marathon without doing a bit of jogging a few times a week for a few months and gradually increasing your distances as you get fitter.

I want to make our household’s carbon footprint lighter this year. I took action steps by first taking stock of what we need to change and what is realistically viable for us.

We have two dogs and need to find a better way of disposing of their excrement than just throwing it away or directly on to the potted plants.So I read up on the Bokashi system which is basically a way to break down matter that can not go onto a conventional compost heap. I shopped around for the best online deal on the system and ordered it. I am very excited to start using this system, which is also ideal for all the kitchen left overs.

Another action step I took to get my system in place, is to design my environment to suit our needs. The Bokashi drums will be positioned in a certain spot in the front garden and the appropriate tools for the moving of the future compost matter have been acquired. To make it an easy system (because we tend to stick to a habit that is easy) I will for instance have a small bucket in the kitchen that will only be full after a few days and which contents can then be emptied into the compost containers in the appointed garden spot.

Since we will not be using all the compost because we have only a few pots as garden, I plan to sell the compost to buy the dog food to help sustain my compost system.

In order to maintain this habit, I will have to do the unpleasant task of picking up excrement everyday, but repeating this small step every day will give me the reward of fantastic compost and knowing that I will be doing “the right thing” will help me carry out this repetitive, mundane task every day.

Later on I plan to create a hydroponic system for growing vegetables and herbs up against the garden walls, on which I can use the “tea”, which is a by-product of the bokashi compost system. This is another milestone within my overall goal to be more “green” and self sustaining and I will only be ready to take this step after more “how to” research and generating the money needed to built the hydroponic system.

So there you have it….one repetitive step at a time is what keeps the quality system functional and helps progress towards the end goal to be consistent.

What are the small steps you need to take today in your system to add to the giant leap to reach your goal?

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