PHOENIX ARISES FROM THE ASHES : 12 ways to help the economy

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PHOENIX ARISES FROM THE ASHES : 12 ways to help the economy

These unpresidented times have left some pretty devastating consequences. A lot of good has already been done but it begs the question- how will we move on after this time?

The pandemic will eventually be curbed, but the elephant in the room is the lasting consequences on an economy that has been on rickety legs for a long time and has now been even more crippled by the loss of income because of the lock-down and the down grade to junk-status.

Millions of people will be in dire straights because of unemployment and devastation.What can each of us do to make a positive impact in these times? The sooner we start with solution based action, the sooner we can heal our economy.I challenged myself to come up with 12 ways normal people like you and me can contribute meaningfully.It is every drop in the bucket that will fill it in time:

  1. Look for an alternative income stream;many of us already have more than one job to make ends meet- but take time to think if there is another job that you can do to add to your own pocket. The more self-sufficient you are, the better you will cope in the aftermath. Define your niche market- remember your ideal client avatar is YOU!
  2. Can you use your hobby or creativity to make money? Can you sell and deliver vegetables- delivery services are definitely here to stay. Can you give home schooled children extra art/music/language classes? (home schooling is also going to be the trend more and more)etc.(You can even start now on-line).
  3. Can you mentor even one person a year, teaching them a skill etc that will help them to help themselves?
  4. We will all have to learn how to make do with what we have- how can you use what you have to make more? Can you reuse old clothing to make a new outfit, or even just cut them up for cloths? Can you make your own stock by boiling up the pieces of vegetables that you would normally bin, with the bones that are left over after a meal? Can you use your glass jars for storage instead of buying more plastic containers etc? Now is also a good time to re-introduce the good old bartering system and adding “up-cycling” to your re-cycling.
  5. We can all save time, money, petrol by shopping less- we are learning this skill while in lock-down and only being able to buy essentials.
  6. With no restaurant and fast food meals available, we are learning good cooking and baking skills- a habit we can continue after the lock down to save money, have more family time at home, eat more healthy.
  7. Being threatened by a virus that has no socio-economic boundaries, provides us with the opportunity to have more understanding of how we are only as strong as the weakest link and hopefully we will learn that only by really helping others in these times will we help our own future to be more rosy. How can you help those that are less fortunate than you today? I recently learned how one can transfer money to someone else who does not have a bank account by using my phone. Contribute to the initiatives of your ward-council that can be found on most community pages.
  8. Teach as many people as possible the value of money and how to make a basic budget and how to save. Statistics shows that poor people are the ones who spend money on luxuries first. Teach them a long term vision about money and how compound interest works.
  9. Support local industries and small businesses as much as possible.
  10. Get rid of your addiction. An addiction creates a false reality and makes you selfish. I am surprised at the amount of people lamenting their alcohol and cigarette fixes. I am not judging. I was once caught up in addiction myself. If you have money for destructive habits, you have money for charity. Rather get involved in a community project and get your highs from seeing people in need benefit from your good works. Focus on others needs and you will be so much happier yourself – this has been scientifically proven. Just imagine the amount of money you will save for things that truly matters if you kick the habit.
  11. Look for and support people who are truly entrepreneurs and support their efforts. This is such a fantastic way to build the economy. Support that lady who uses traditional material to make oven gloves, table cloths etc instead of the “Made in China” version.
  12. Diversify and think out of the box to keep your business afloat. Recently my brother and his partners had to make a big shift in their focus. They had to close down all the restaurants in their two chains and mainly concentrate on deliveries from their coffee business.Who knows where this will lead after the lock-down? The point is there is always a way. You just need to change perspective, focus and thinking patterns. Have a good old brain storm or “mind dump” as I recently heard it called and adapt, because it is the people who can adapt that control their situation during a challenge.

How can you grow and contribute economically?Please share your ideas.

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