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We established that environmental design and time and energy are the stuff our system structures for our goals are made off, but let’s examine resources we need for our journey, closer.

We are all equipped with most of the non-material things and characteristics we will need to fulfill our goal, but sometimes we need to take stock and become aware of what we already have, again.

Sometimes we need to re-evaluate our values and rules for moving-towards-values to be able to reach our goal. We all already have the potential for living out our best values for success, but we need to practice them actively, just like our talents and other God given abilities. Even if they are a bit rusty- just start using them again and make your rules for your values easy.

Sometimes we need to make a fundamental belief change and replace limiting beliefs with beliefs that are prolific for goal fulfillment.

We need to examine our perspective, the way we see the world through the three filters of our general and personal beliefs and our values that are formed out of that which is important to us.

Personal development is all about raising our standards- it is taking ourselves by the scruffs of our necks and lifting us up to be able to have a better view of life and how we live it.

To be able to grow into the identity we need for reaching our goal, we need to be courageous and honest and authentic and be able to see ourselves as objectively as possible so that we can change for the better to adapt to our appropriate identity for living our best life.

we need to be “gold diggers” and find the precious resources within us to do our best work, to become more of what we were destined for.

Our first task before we start the journey, is thus to mine the resources we have in ourselves. Secondly, we need to look at the environment we will need to grow our goal and the material things that will make functionality optimal.

We might need to do some research, like I had to do before I set up my Bokashi compost system, we might need to look for exactly the right equipment and tools to serve us while fulfilling our goal. It might be gaining knowledge by studying formally or informally. it might be sourcing the capital we need for an entrepreneural venture etc.

We might need a network or just a few people to make our goal a reality. remember, there is wisdom in counseling and two are better than one. A community teaches you diverse perspectives and might bring you to new insights that you would never think of on your own.

We also might need to let some things go. From the physical things that clutter our environment and stifles our functionality, to the people, influences, habits and thought patterns and places that no longer serve us in getting where we need to be. Think of this not as loosing or rejecting something or someone, but as redirection from that which is not suitable for your path.

This step is also vital for managing your time and energy. It is just too precious to waste on what does not serve you best. You need to have extremely good boundaries and practice essentialism ( only do what is really necessary for your goal) where these two free resources are concerned- they are free but extremely value because your prowess in using it wisely determines almost everything.

Attitude is a great resource that needs to be adjusted time and again to serve you best in all circumstances as well as being flexible and adaptable to change. Life will always surprise you and might mess up your plot every now and then. It is then that your flexibility ability will either work for or against the progress of your journey to your goal. That is also why a goal grows and evolves as you travel.

We all think better with a sound board. If you need another person who is completely on your side, who is cheering you on, but will always be honest and objective and who wants your success even more than you want it yourself- why not get a life coach?

Research has proven that having a human resource you can use to help you fast trek your way and streamline your journey to your goal and fulfilling your potential to live your best way, is by far more successful than only depending on yourself. As much as 92%of people who uses a motivator to complete their goal as to 40% who go it solo.

You are welcome to contact me for one-on one sessions.I give a free telephonic assessment session in which I answer your questions about life coaching and in which we determine if we are a good “fit”.

Since I have an abundance mentality I also offer life coaching in this group on this page for free in discussions and blogs.

Thank you for your support and being part of the community that wants to make a positive difference.

Your input is always valued and constructive suggestions appreciated because we are all coaches- we can all teach others something.

Let’s all grow together in this safe, non-judgemental and friendly space.

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