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Yesterday I had the awesome privilege to attend an exhibition of a friend and true genius. All the works were awesome, but like everyone, I had my favorite favorite.

While I was looking at the picture, one of the other people attending the function remarked to her companion that she loves the picture, although the horse “looks a bit ill”.

I was a little bit shocked at this, because I definitely could not see any indicators of the horse being indisposed at all in this picture- In fact – The first thing that came to my mind while observing it was “playfulness”.

When I eventually had my turn to have a quick chat with the artist, I told him which picture I favored and his response : “Yes it is because it is the unusual portrayal that you like”.

I thought about all three, very different responses and it made me realize that this is a perfect illustration of how people all can see, and experience the same thing and have very different responses.

The reason we don’t all have the same experiences and thoughts and feelings about an event or thing, is that we all have different world views and these differing world views are created by three filters which we all use to process information in any form:

The first filter is our general beliefs. For instance, some people believe art is necessary to help us evolve and others might not.

The second filter is our personal beliefs for instance, you might believe that only certain “-isms” count as art and the third filter we process information through are the rules we make for our values, for instance: “In order for me to enjoy art, it has to be recognised by the art critics of the day” (which makes it very difficult for you to feel the joy of art because you give control of your enjoyment over in the hands of others and you don’t learn to trust your own judgement and develop your own taste”)

We all know people who grow up in the same family unit in exactly the same circumstances and some of the siblings managed to brake free and some just follow the same destructive pattern their parents did- the difference between them is that those who manage to break the pattern, changed their core values as well as some of their personal and general beliefs.

In life coaching we talk about communication and projection- all communication is projection of our world view as shaped by the above-mentioned three filters. When we are aware of this, we can look out and try to identify another person’s general and personal beliefs and rules for their core values. This can help us to understand why they disagree with us and can prevent misunderstandings.

If we can all step into another’s shoes and try to see things from their world view, we can try to keep in mind what matters to them and try and find a solution or compromise that suits everybody.

So is this the solution to world peace – maybe not, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

So tell me- what are your first thoughts and feelings when you see this beautiful painting? (the people in the back ground is unfortunately their due to my skill level in cell phone photography and not part of the painting)

Please feel free to post your thoughts on the topic of communication and projection).

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