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We talked about how life design plays a role in helping you install the systems that can easily be repeated to become habits.

We know these habits are inspired by our beliefs and values. We looked at replacing old, limiting beliefs with new ones by finding as much evidence and references as possible to support our new beliefs.

We have seen how easy it can be to live the values which are characteristics of the new identity of who we want to become more of by making our rules to feel those values easy.

But what if I am not certain about who I need to become more of- who is the person I should grow into to be able to live my best life? What identity do I need to aspire to to live a life of purpose and achieve my goals? How do I not feel like a square peg in a round hole anymore? What will make things “click” for me and get me into the flow of an easier life?

Each of us has our own unique identity, made up of fingerprint unique values. That is why looking around at what others do and desiring to be like them is so dangerous. If we do not find our own unique purpose and live it out, we will never live our best lives.

We know that the purpose of life is a life of purpose. That is why living without purpose, merely floating directionless on the river of life, can cause us to “miss the mark”, to not fulfill our potential and make a contribution that matters and make a difference.

Yet it is so easy to determine my true identity that will help make sense of my unique life purpose.

The purpose of your life is not a rhetorical or philosophical question.

There is an easy and practical way to determine your personal and unique north.

Ask yourself the following three questions to determine direction:

1)What do I love to do and am really passionate about?

2)What am I naturally good with, strong in -and talented at?

3)Does my passion (answer to question one) and my power (answer to question two) make a meaningful contribution, no matter how small, to the rest of the world?

It is really that simple to create the image of your personal unique identity.

Questions are the answer to everything and the quality of the questions you ask will determine the quality of your life and the impact it makes on others and the world.

If you need more questions to find out your uniquely specific life purpose, you can look at the 14 very well researched questions on my website in the pdf file under the “What is your unique purpose?” button on the home page. Look in the comments below for my website address. if you need some guidance in discovering your ultimate life purpose, a life coach can help you with that and you can contact me for a free assessment telephonic session to determine whether we will be a good client-couch “fit”.

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