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Yes the size of your goal matters, but so does the quality and consistency of the structure systems that is the frame work of your goal.

You can not start of with a bang when going for a big goal. Your resolutions will definately dissolve and end with a whimper.

This is why planning and balance is all important when writing your goal. Of course you need to have a challenging goal to be able to grow and take the giant step you need to, to get where you want to be, but even when you think big the journey needs to be realistically laid out.

When you move a big rock, getting it to move is the big challenge, and you do that bit by bit. After a while, when it is on the move, it gains momentum and it is easier to get it where you want it to be. It is the same with a goal.

You can not go from zero to hero fast. When you write your blue print for success and map out the path of your journey, you need to break it down into realistic and obtainable milestones and the action steps that get you to your measurables along the way.

First of all you will have to decide by when your goal needs to be reached. Usually a sizeable goal takes about six months and up to be fulfilled.

The date of completion has been determined and now you need to look at your time line. What are realistic milestones for you, that will implement sustainable and real change and get you to your end goal?

Can you realistically spend two hours a day after your work day to work on your invention or hobby that will become your new bread and butter? Have you factored in all the variables like obligations to family members and friends? Will it be better to take half an hour of that time to get fit so that you have more stamina to fulfill all your duties? Should you maybe work every alternative night on the project to have a more balanced life?

Remember that even if you had the identical goal of your twin, your path there will look different. When writing your goal, you have to have zero tolerance for outside pressure. This is your unique path and no one else can take this journey for you. Of course you have to consider the people in your life and how your goal will affect them, that is part of balancing your goal, but the plan has to be one that you can stick to and fulfill with relative ease once you have put your systems into place.

The quality of your goal will thus be determined by how easy it is for you to stick to the plan. It does not help if you still use the same route home past the liquor store if that is your trigger to drink and your goal is to give up alcohol.

You will have to maybe change your route or go to the gym after work and go home past the temptation store once it is closed.

A quality goal structure also helps you to replace a bad habit with a good one.

If your trigger to eat a chocolate after meals is your favourite tv program, replace the habit by eating a fruit or making a cup of cocoa with sweetener when you get the urge. Nature hates a void, so it is very important that your system provides a good alternative for the habits you will need to change to make your goal a reality.

You also need to make sure that you are able to take consistent action steps towards the deadline. Helter skelter and impulsiveness won’t help the sustainability of your plan.

Habits are formed by repitition to become automatic. Make sure that the action steps you need to take are consistent enough to get you in the flow of where you need to be.

At some stage, if you do it often enough, it will be easier to get up half an hour earlier to meditate before you go to work. At some point you will start looking forward to the ‘me- time” you have put aside to write your best seller. It will be easy to tell people you can not hang out at the bar because you have a meeting- even though it is with “me, myself and I” to work on your business plan.

Quality and consistency is what will make your goal an easy and light yoke- as long as you plan and balance your time and energy right. You are the expert on you. Come on. You know what you are capable of. Go plan your goal and go for it!

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