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So we have determined that systems are what hold our goals together and support us getting there, but how do they look and how do we implement them?

We know that we should first determine the identity we need to become more of and that values are the building blocks of our desired identity to reach a specific goal.

So we need to look at our values that will become cemented into our systems as habits as we repeatedly practice living them, first.

If I want to be a fit and healthy person, I need to examine my eating habits as well as exercise,since these are the two prime resources for promoting good health.

There are of course as many ways to reach this identity as there are people, because we are all unique and what is the right way for me might not be suitable for you.

We need to first establish the strength and durability of our chosen habits. We know by proven results that for instance, a crash diet does not work for most people because it is not sustainable.

So what I need to do is look at a system that has sustainable quality. The action steps I need to take are to research different diets or ways of eating or go to a nutritionist or join a certain weight-loss group etc. and find what is most suitable for me and my body.

It is important that the systems I choose for supporting my goal to become a fit and healthy person should be sustainable so that I can constantly use this system to support me to get where I want to be, which might be to feel better, to weigh a certain amount, to wear a certain seize clothes etc. all the time.

The systems I use need to fit my chosen life style and I need to design my environment around them. I need to buy the ingredients and foods that will support the life style diet I chose and get rid of the food that does not support my goal. I need to like what I eat to sustain my diet, otherwise I wold loathe every moment of it and it will become unsustainable and thus be a weak system.

Of course I will need to experiment a little to find out what the exact right system is for supporting my eating habits that will enable me to reach my goal the easiest and most effectively.

Looking at an exercise system, I need to consider what will be realistic for me. My partner and I share exactly the same living space and environment and we eat more or less the same diet, but we like different sports and exercise routines.

I love swimming half an hour every day and it is easy, because I just walk out the back door and jump into the pool or I work out on my rowing machine in my garage and have the luxury of showering in my own shower afterwards. The rowing machine shows me how many calories I actually burn through a session and the distance I rowed. These are good measureables to get me to milestones on the road to my goal.

My partner loves the challenge of extreme sports and the adrenaline rush. He wind surfs on the vlei or paddle ski in the sea. He loves the friends he makes and thus his exercise routine helps his social life as well. Both these very different routines work for us individually and both systems fit into the environment we have designed for exercise which will get us to our goals and help to maintain it when reached.

Both these systems work for us because they suit our pocket and the time we have available. Most of all these systems work for us, because they are easy, effective and sustainable and they are of good quality because they help us get the results we need and fulfill the goal of shaping the identity of the people we want to become to be our most authentic selves, which help us get into the flow and make our lives easier.

How can you redesign your environment today and implement systems of quality and consistency that will support your goals for the identity you want to become in the life areas you want to work on today?

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